How do you send brides to our website?

 Every week WE FIND THOUSANDS OF LOCAL NEWLY ENGAGED BRIDES by continually scanning several places where brides announce their engagements. Places like social media, registries, newspapers, etc. Then WE CONTACT BRIDES within a 25 mile radius of any city via email or social media TO SEND THEM DIRECTLY TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Can you find brides in my area

Yes, we find local brides ALL over the United States

How long are the contracts with Brides 2 You ?

Brides 2 You does not have any TERM contracts with our clients. You cancel at any time simply by emailing and we will cancel your subscription any time.  All cancellations must be received in writing via email to

How many years has Brides 2 You been doing marketing?

Our associates have over 25 years of marketing experience with companies ranging in size from less than 3 employees to Fortune 500 companies.  We have been doing bridal marketing since 2011

What is the money back guarantee?

Brides 2 You will guarantee that the number of brides you order will click on your website or we will give your money back! We verify the brides via our internal tracking systems. However, you can verify the brides via Google analytics.  

How are you different from the other wedding websites?

Other wedding sites focus on getting brides to their website.  Brides 2 You focuses on getting brides to YOUR website and filling your wedding calendar. Brides 2 You is the ONLY places that send brides directly to our clients’ websites